You can configure an expiration date and time for the clone, post clone scripts, and tags for the clone. Post-clone scripts perform common tasks on newly-cloned databases, such as removing sensitive customer data.

Review the tasks in post clone scripts. See Managing Post-Clone Scripts

Review how tags support a mechanism for finding multiple databases that share the same tag. See Using Tags.


Specify a post clone script for the clone.


Specify the expiration settings for the clone.


Select tags for the clone.


Select whether to use IP whitelists with the clone.



Allow all connections to the database

All connection requests that contain valid credentials are allowed.

Only allow connections from the selected IP whitelists

Only connection requests from specified IP addresses are allowed.

Review the settings in the Summary panel, and click Back to modify your selections. If you selected Only allow connections from the selected IP whitelists, click Next to select an IP whitelist or create a custom IP whitelist.