You clone a database to create an exact copy, which you can use for testing or other purposes. When you begin the create process, you need the clone type and clone customization information.

Log in to Data Director as an administrator or as a user with Clone and Create database privileges in the target database group.


The clone type allows you to specify which data are cloned. You can also choose custom configuration settings and backup settings for the clone.


The general settings allow you to specify the name of the clone, a description, and to assign the clone to a database group. You can assign a database group only if the clone is not a linked clone.


When you clone a database, you can configure the resource settings, database parameters, and backup settings for the clone.


You can configure an expiration date and time for the clone, post clone scripts, and tags for the clone. Post-clone scripts perform common tasks on newly-cloned databases, such as removing sensitive customer data.


You create IP whitelists to specify trusted IP addresses from which the clone accepts connection requests.


The Summary panel lets you review the clone configuration before creating the clone.