You must initialize the base DBVM to ensure that the prerequisites for the database software and Data Director are met.

You have installed Linux on the virtual machine you want to make into a base DBVM.


In vSphere Client, right-click the base DBVM and open the console.


Log in as root and type password when prompted for the password.

The password value is defined in the kickstart file, and appears at the top of the virtual machine console.


Click the CD/DVD drive icon, and select the datastore ISO file from the storage disk.


Type the following command to mount the CDROM to the local directory.

mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom

As root, type the following command from the local directory.

./ –i

This command installs scripts for database install, VMware Tools, and Python 2.6 runtime.

When the installation completes, the base DBVM is compliant with the system prerequisites for the database software and Data Director.

Install the database software in the base DBVM.