You can view license usage information about your Data Director and vFabric Postgres in the Licensing pane of the System Settings tab. The information helps you determine license usage for all or specific organizations, and over various time periods or during a period you specify.

You can view the license usage for each database, by vCPU number, or by database type.

What you can view depends on whether you are a system administrator, organization administrator, or organization user with the View and Manage Licenses privilege.


Log in to Data Director, and click the System Settings tab.


In the left pane, expand Other Settings and click Licensing


Click the Usage tab.


If you are a system administrator, you can select a specific organization from the organization drop-down menu.


In the Summary section, select a time period from the drop-down menu, or specify a range.

Usage information for your selection appears. Usage information also appears for licenses currently in use.


View license usage summary for organizations, database groups, database types, and license types in the Databases section.