Customize your monitoring setup to find information quickly. Some of the customization and filtering tasks are the same for system administrators and organization administrators.

You can explore how to optimize screen areas and how to find information by using filters. Filtering is not supported in all panels.

Log in to Data Director as the system administrator or as an organization administrator.


Click the Manage & Monitor tab and click Reports.


Click Summary Reports or Time Interval Reports and view the icons above the filter options.



gear-shaped action icon with down-triangle to the right

The gear-shaped Action icon lets you choose an action. Available actions differ for different panels. For example, the Reports panel lets you download all reports or download the selected reports.

The reload icon is a curved blue arrow.

The blue Reload icon lets you redisplay the current page.


Explore the Filter box in the upper right.


Type a search keyword to search the current items.

The search result includes the currently displayed items and the list of available items.


To select the columns to filter on, click the down-triangle..


Clear the boxes for columns that you do not want to search, and click OK.


To view a panel, select an action.



To reduce a panel

Click the down-facing triangle to reduce the panel to its title.

To expand and shrink a panel

Click the expand icon Full box icon expands a panel. to expand a panel, and click the shrink icon Double-rectangle returns expanded icon to original size. to return the panel to its original size and position.

To close a panel

Click the close icon (An X icon closes a panel.).

To open a closed panel

Click the Customize button in the dashboard's top right to select the panel's check box.


Collapse the side bar with the right-facing triangles Two blue right-facing arrows for collapsing the side bar and expand it with the left-facing triangles Two blue left-facing triangles expand the collapsed side bar..

The sidebar contains a panel for Tasks and a panel for Alarms, showing the latest tasks and alarms.

For system administrators, see Monitoring for System Administrators. For organization administrators, see Monitoring for Organization Administrators.