The Data Director hierarchy consists of organizations, each with its own discrete database groups and databases. Currently supported databases include vFabric Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle.

System administrators perform management tasks at the system level, which is the top level of the hierarchy. To edit system-level settings you must have system privileges, but having system privileges does not automatically allow you to make changes at the other levels.

A system can contain multiple organizations, each with multiple database groups. A database group can contain multiple databases. You can create database groups only within organizations. Databases can exist only within database groups.

Data Director System Hierarchy
The system level is at the top of the data director hierarchy. Below the system level are two organizations. One of the organization has two database groups, and one database group has two databases below it in the hierarchy.

System administrators manage Data Director resources at the system and organization levels. System administrators create resource bundles from vSphere resource pools (CPU and memory resources) and storage and network resources, and allocate one or more resource bundles to each organization.

Organization administrators assign resources from the given resource bundles to database groups for consumption by databases.