Roles enable you to group the permissions required to perform tasks associated with a job, such as the job of database administrator. You can then grant the role to users rather than granting individual permissions needed for each task. You can add custom roles to your organization and grant them to the users who are responsible for performing particular jobs.

You are logged in to Data Director.

You have the OrgAdmin role with permissions on all objects in the organization, or permissions for the organization in which to create the role.

You have grant and revoke permissions on objects.


Click the Organization Settings tab.


Expand Users and Roles and click Roles.

The OrgAdmin role appears in the list.


Click the plus (+) icon.


Type a name for the role.


(Optional) Enter a description


Right-click Status.

Select Enable to activate the role.

Select Disable to deactivate the role.


In the Permissions section, select the permissions to grant to this role.

You can grant permissions to the role on the organization, database groups within the organization, databases within the organization's database groups, and on organization templates.


Click OK.

The new role appears in the Roles list.

Grant this role to organization users.

Create other roles and grant permissions to them.