When you connect to a database that uses the JDBC provided by Data Director, the connection fails.

vFabric Data Director provides a JDBC connection string for external applications to connect to its managed databases. Under rare conditions, connecting to a database using the JDBC connecting string can fail.

Several conditions can cause the problem.

DB Name Server is powered off.

Database server is powered off.

Database service is stopped by management tools bypassing vFabric Data Director.

Database IP Whitelist is configured incorrectly.


Verify that the DB Name Server status in System Health is green.

If the status is not green, ask the vSphere administrator to power on the DB Name Server.


Open the database in vFabric Data Director and check whether there is a Power State mismatch alarm.

If a mismatch alarm exists, repair the alarm. This action will power on the database server.


Connect the database through IP with the management tools that you use, and check the database status.


Open the database Properties dialog box and examine the IP Whitelist settings for the database.

The client machine must be in the IP Whitelist of the database.