If vCloud Director integration is enabled for Data Director, Data Director system administrators can import vCloud Director organizations and their users into Data Director and allow operations on vCloud Director organizations through the Data Director user interface.

If the System Health panel of your system dashboard shows vCloud Director Connectivity status, vCloud Director integration is enabled.

Consider the following points.

Only one vCloud Director instance can be associated with Data Director.

Allow access to vCloud Director organizations by importing them into (binding them to) Data Director. See Bind a vCloud Director Organization to Data Director.

Importing a vCloud Director organization into Data Director also imports the organization's users. By default, the vCloud Director users have no permissions in Data Director. Data Director organization administrators must grant permissions to the vCloud Director users to enable them to operate in Data Director. See Managing Users and Roles.

vCloud Director organizations and users are managed in vCloud Director. You cannot update vCloud Director user information such as user names, passwords, and email addresses in Data Director.

Imported vCloud Director organizations cannot access vCloud Director resources. Data Director system administrators must assign Data Director resource bundles to imported vCloud Director organizations. See Managing Resources For Organizations.

Imported vCloud Director organizations appear in the Organizations window with a Managed By value of vCloud Director.

Data Director system administrators can add organization administrators for imported vCloud Director organizations. See Add a vCloud Director Organization Administrator.

Organization administrators for vCloud Director organizations can add and invite users to their imported vCloud Director organization in Data Director. Imported vCloud Director organization users can access only the bound vCloud Director organization they belong to in Data Director. They cannot be added or invited to an original Data Director organization See Add Users to Your Organization.