You update an Oracle database to take advantage of features available in the latest release of the database software, or to incorporate enhancements to a database virtual machine (DBVM) or to third party software tools. Updating an Oracle database is referred to as patching.

Verify that you have Oracle databases that require upgrading in Data Director.


To create a template with the required patches, determine whether a base database virtual machine of the Oracle database that you intend to patch is available.


You create a base database VM to correspond with a base database template so you can make patches to an Oracle database.


You apply a patch to an Oracle database to update it to the latest release of the database software.


Data Director system administrators convert base DBVMs into base DB templates to provide the blueprints for creating databases.


As a Data Director system administrator, you can validate a base DB template to confirm that it built correctly. You can validate a base DB template at any time.


As a Data Director system administrator, you assign base DB templates to resource bundles as part of providing organizations with access to the base DB templates.


Organization administrators enable a base DB template on the underlying resource bundles so that organization users can provision databases based on the base DB template. Only organization administrators and users with Manage base DB templates privileges can enable, disable, and edit base DB templates.


You configure an update chain to enable database users to update databases based on templates that comply with update policies.


You can update a database to apply enhancements or software upgrades.