You can refresh a cloned database manually, or configure an automatic refresh profile using the vFabric Data Director GUI. Refresh is supported only for certain clone types.

The database or catalog that a database is cloned from is the source of a cloned database. If the source has been deleted, you cannot refresh the cloned database. When you refresh a cloned database, Data Director performs the following processes.

Fetches schema and data from the source.

Runs a post-clone script on the schema and data.

Applies the schema and data generated by the post-clone script to the cloned database.

Use an HTTTP POST call to refresh a database from the current state of its parent database.

Content-Type : application/json
Authorization : Basic YWRtaW5AYXVyb3JhLnZtd2FyZS5jb206Y2xvdWRibXM=
Accept : application/json

The response that the system returns might look as follows.

202 Accepted
location :