The Data Director API supports a significant subset of the functionality that the Data Director UI supports. The API is especially well suited for performing resource management and access control.

The Data Director API allows you to perform Create, Read, Update, and Delete operations against Data Director organizations, users, roles, database groups, databases, and resource bundles. The vFabric Data Director Administrator and User Guide discusses these concepts in detail. This section gives an overview of resource assignment in the Data Director environment.


System administrators create resource bundles to encapsulate CPU and storage resources. In this release of the API, a resource bundle includes one resource pool, which encapsulates the CPU and memory resources, one database storage pool, and one backup storage pool.

Resource Bundle Contents
A resource bundle consists of CPU and memory resources, a storage pool, and a backup storage pool.

System administrators define an organization and assign one or more resource bundles to an organization and can also remove resource bundles to ensure an efficient distribution of resources across the company.

Resource Bundles and Organizations
Administrators define an organization and can then assign resource bundles or delete resource bundles.

When organization administrators create database groups, they assign one or more resource bundles to each database group. The database group can use the resources to create or back up databases.

Resource Bundles and Database Groups
A database group can use resource that are in the resource bundle assigned to the database group's parent organization.

The database group can only get resources from a resource bundle that is assigned to the database group's parent organization.