You can add an existing Data Director database to the database group catalog, and use the catalog database to create other databases with known characteristics and preloaded data. You cannot directly modify or power on catalog databases.

Create a database group.

Add the database to the catalog with an HTTP POST call.

Content-type : application/json
Authorization : Basic YWRtaW5AYXVyb3JhLnZtd2FyZS5jb206Y2xvdWRibXM=
Accept : application/json
  "cloneParam": {
     "dstDbgId": 26,
     "fullClone": true,
     "srcDbId": 28
  "description": "RestApiExample: catalog database",
  "name": "Aurora_catalog"

The response that the system returns might look as follows.

content-length : 0
location :

202 Accepted