Data Director uses base database templates (base DB templates) to create databases. A base DB template is a virtual machine that contains all the software required to create a database. Required software includes the operating system (OS), database, and system software configurations. The base DB template can also contain third-party tools that are required for a particular environment.

Create a base DB template from a database virtual machine (DBVM). A DBVM is a virtual machine with a disk layout that contains the seven virtual machine disks (VMDK) required for base DBVMs to work in Data Director. See vFabric Data Director Administrator and User Guide.

Create a system resource bundle. See Create a System Resource Bundle.


Retrieve the IDs of the base DBVMs.


The call returns the data for the base DBVMs. If you decide to use the base DBVM with ID 2 to create a base DB template, you can make an HTTP POST call to create the base DB template.


Create the base DB template.

  "keepBaseDbvm": true,
  "baseDbvmId": 2,
  "name": "vpostgress_template"

The response that the system returns might look as follows.

202 Accepted

Create a resource bundle.