You can ingest a database to reproduce a production environment and create a one-time (golden) clone. The imported database is a clone of a physical database that exists outside of Data Director.

The example assumes that you have created an Oracle base DB template with an ID of 1, and created a DB Group with an ID of 26. The dbName for the ingestion source is ORAC and the IP address is The example uses the default resource template, so you do not have to create one before you make this call.

Verify that you have access to the organization and to the database group in which you want to create the database.

Make an HTTP POST call to ingest the database.

Content-type : application/json
Authorization : Basic YWRtaW5AYXVyb3JhLnZtd2FyZS5jb206cGFzc3dvcmQ=
Accept : application/json

  "baseDbTemplateId": 1,
  "dbName": "ORAC",
  "dbgroupId": 26,
  "description": "RestApiExample: ingestion oracle",

  "extendedCreationConfig": {
    "ingestExternalDb": {
      "ingestionSource": {
        "address": "",
        "catalogStart": "cirrus_11g/BAK6_checkpfile/",
        "networkSpeedLimitMb": 100,
        "optionalPfile": "cirrus_11g/BAK6_checkpfile/initORAC.ora",
        "refreshPoint": 134276868000
        "relativePath": "dperson/BAK1_L0"
      "ingestionStartTime":  1350543745958L
  "name": "ORAC",
  "resourceSetting": {
    "resourceTemplateId": 21

The response that the system returns might look as follows.

content-length : 0
location :

202 Accepted