In Data Director, you can clone a database. You have a choice of cloning operations that include full database clone, linked database clone, and schema only clone. You can customize the clone's database settings and backup settings during clone creation.

See the vFabric Data Director Administrator and User Guide for a discussion of cloning. The API supports all clone operations that the Data Director UI supports.

The example assumes that you have created the target database group and that the database group ID is 26.

Use an HTTP POST call to create the clone.

Content-type : application/json
Authorization : Basic YWRtaW5AYXVyb3JhLnZtd2FyZS5jb206Y2xvdWRibXM=
Accept : application/json
  "clonePoint": {
    "cloneNow": {}
  "cloneTarget": {
    "cloneBothSchemaAndData": {
      "fullClone": true
  "dbgroupId": 26,
  "description": "RestApiExample: clone database",
  "name": "Aurora_clone"

The response that the system returns might look as follows.

content-length : 0
location :

202 Accepted