You can set up your environment so the Management Server and DB Name Server communicate by using the Internal and DB Name Service Networks. To do so, you set up the network settings and configure the adapters.

Plan the network setup for your environment.

See the vFabric Data Director Administrator and User Guide for IP pool configuration information.

Complete the Network Mapping information in the Data Director Setup wizard.

If you set up Data Director to use an FQDN for the Name Server Internal Network Adapter, ensure that the network environment and the DBVM network are configured so that DBVMs can resolve the FQDN using the name server (DNS) configured for the DBVMs.


Click Edit.


Select the DHCP, Static IP, or IP Pool check box.

You can select both DHCP and Static IP if your environment supports both protocols. If this network is mapped to the Internal Network, you can use IP pool instead of DHCP, or both.


If you selected Static IP, enter a valid netmask.


Click OK to accept the network settings.


Type the FQDN for the Management Server - Internal Network adapter.


Type the FQDN for the DB Name Server-DB Name Service Network adapter.


Type the FQDN for the DB Name Server-Internal Network adapter.


If you selected Static IP, type the IP address for each adapter in the address text box.


Click Next.

Data Director maps the networks. When mapping finishes, Data Director setup opens the License page.