The Express setup uses an IP pool for network configuration. An IP pool consists of blocks IP addresses that Data Director can allocate to virtual machines on the Internal Network. You can specify a range of IP addresses for use by Data Director.

Five of the IP addresses that you assign are used to configure the Data Director network interfaces, and the remaining two IP addresses are used by a single instance of the database you provision. Any remaining IP addresses are placed in an IP pool for use by the virtual machines and databases that you deploy within Data Director. The more IP addresses you specify, the more virtual machines and databases you can deploy within Data Director.

Plan the network setup for your environment.

Have seven or more unique IP addresses that you can assign as part of an IP pool.

Ensure that the IP addresses in the IP pool are free, and remain free for IP pool use.


Enter a range of IP addresses separated by commas, in the IP ranges text box.

The range of addresses you enter must specify a minimum of seven unique IP addresses. You can also use a hyphen (-) or pound symbol (#) to define ranges of IP addresses.


Record the Web Console IP address that appears in the Network section.

Use this IP address to connect to the Data Director console.


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