The Data Director OVA file contains the compressed open virtualization format files that comprise the Data Director vApp. After setting up vSphere and planning the network configuration, download the Data Director OVA file and deploy it as a vSphere virtual appliance (vApp).

Before you start deployment, you must know how you will map the networks in the Data Director vApp to the networks in your vSphere inventory and have the mappings available, including the fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) or the IP addresses for each of the Data Director networks. See the vFabric Data Director Worksheets.

To use the Express setup to create a deployment for development or experimentation, the network must meet the following requirements:

The vCenter Network and Web Console Network use the same network.

The Web Console has a static IP address.

If either of these requirements is not met, Express setup is disabled, and the Data Director Setup wizard uses the Advanced setup option.

Log in to VMware vSphere Client as an administrator.

Verify that DHCP is enabled in your vSphere installation if you use the Advanced installation. See Express Setup and Advanced Setup.

Verify that the cluster you created for Data Director deployment meets all requirements. See Create and Configure the Data Director Cluster.

Verify that the ESXi hosts in the Data Director cluster are running.

Verify that NTP has been set up in the environment. See Enable vSphere Network Time Protocol.


To begin Data Director OVA deployment, you specify basic information about your deployment including its name, location, and storage.


As part of vApp deployment, choose the vSphere Networks that Data Director uses for its vCenter Network and its Web Console Network.


The Web Management console requires a static IP address or FQDN. To access the Web Management console, point a web browser to this address.


The Data Director vApp can register as a vCenter extension at runtime only if it is bound to a service. To finish Data Director vApp deployment, you select a service binding for the Data Director vApp, and confirm the deployment settings.