After you successfully deploy the Data Director vApp, you configure Data Director using the Data Director setup wizard. As part of the setup process you specify user management mode, network mapping, and license information.

Complete the network planning for your environment. See the vFabric Data Director Worksheets.

Deploy the Data Director vApp.


You start the setup wizard from a Web browser. You must know the FQDN of the Management Server to start the wizard.


When you connect to Data Director for the first time, the VMware End User License Agreement appears. Before you set up Data Director, read and accept the license agreement.


You can perform Advanced setup to configure Data Director for use in production deployments that require high availability and performance.


The initial Data Director system administrator performs Data Director setup and configuration, creates other system administrators and organization administrators, creates and allocates resources for organizations, and monitors resource usage. You specify the initial Data Director system administrator account when you connect to Data Director for the first time.


User management mode controls how users are assigned and managed across different organizations in Data Director. You must understand the choices because you cannot change them after you set them.


You can optionally specify branding information that will appear on Data Director page headers and in the login screen. Branding information includes your company name, logo, and About and Support URLs.


You configure SMTP settings to enable Data Director to send notification emails to users. Notifications such as alarms might go to system administrators. Notifications, such as registration confirmation and password change emails, might enable self-registration.


Data Director uses the vCenter Network to communicate with the vCenter Server system. You configure the vCenter Network and its network adapters to enable this communication.


The Network Mapping screen of the setup wizard allows you to map the vSphere networks to the type of Data Director network traffic they will carry.


You can set up your environment so the Management Server and DB Name Server communicate by using the Internal and DB Name Service Networks. To do so, you set up the network settings and configure the adapters.


Data Director offers evaluation and permanent licenses, with database usage designated as production or nonproduction.


The setup wizard's Summary screen allows you to review your configuration, make changes, and complete the setup process.