The Express setup creates a Data Director deployment using a single VLAN and a set of predefined system resources, organizations, and database groups.


The Data Director setup wizard allows you to configure your Data Director environment.


To set up Data Director using simplified networking and default settings, use Express setup.


When you connect to Data Director for the first time, the VMware End User License Agreement appears. Before you set up Data Director, read and accept the license agreement.


The Express setup uses an IP pool for network configuration. An IP pool consists of blocks IP addresses that Data Director can allocate to virtual machines on the Internal Network. You can specify a range of IP addresses for use by Data Director.


The Data Director Express setup lets you create a default resource bundle, organization, and database group within the organization.


The initial Data Director system administrator performs Data Director setup and configuration, creates other system administrators and organization administrators, creates and allocates resources for organizations, and monitors resource usage. You specify the initial Data Director system administrator account when you connect to Data Director for the first time.


Data Director offers evaluation and permanent licenses, with database usage designated as production or nonproduction.


The setup wizard's Summary screen allows you to review your configuration, make changes, and complete the setup process.