A vFabric Data Director Upgrade includes upgrade of the Data Director virtual appliance and upgrade of database virtual machines (DBVMs).

Upgrading is a multistage process in which you perform tasks in a particular order. Follow the process to ensure a smooth upgrade with a minimum of system downtime. Follow the safeguards to avoid losing data or access to Data Director. Without planning, you might incur more downtime than is necessary.

Before you begin the upgrade, verify that you completed the following tasks:

Your vFabric Data Director deployment is running in the VMware vSphere 5.0 environment.

VMware vSphere Update Manager 5.0 is installed and available in that environment. Use vSphere Update Manager to apply updates to Data Director.

Make backups of your Data Director vApp and of the database virtual machines.

For information about vSphere Update Manager, see the vSphere Upgrade documentation.