The Network Mapping screen of the setup wizard allows you to map the vSphere networks to the type of Data Director network traffic they will carry.

Plan the network setup for your environment. See the vFabric Data Director Worksheets.

Complete the vCenter Network setup in the Data Director Setup wizard.


Use the Internal Network drop-down menu to configure the network mapping.

The Internal Network traffic must be on a different network than other network traffic.


Use the drop-down menu for the other networks (Web Console, Internal, and DB Name Service Network) to configure their network mapping.

During development and prototyping, you can use one network for these three types of network traffic. In a production environment, each Data Director network must map to a different vSphere network.


Click Next to continue.

Data Director setup maps the networks. This can take a few minutes. When mapping finishes, Data Director setup continues to the Network Configuration screen.