To begin Data Director OVA deployment, you specify basic information about your deployment including its name, location, and storage.

You will select the disk format for the vApp virtual disks as part of deployment. For information about the supported disk formats and their trade-offs, see the vSphere Storage documentation or the VMware Knowledge Base article Using thin provisioned disks with virtual machines.


In vSphere Client, right-click the cluster in which to deploy the Data Director vApp.


Select File > Deploy OVF Template.


Answer the wizard prompts.

Wizard Screen



Enter or browse to the location of your Data Director vApp OVA file.

OVF Template Details

Confirm the product information.

Name and Location

Specify a name and select the target datacenter for your deployment.

Resource Pool

Select the cluster to which you want to deploy this vApp. If you select a cluster, the vApp is deployed to the cluster's root resource pool. If the cluster has child resource pools, you can choose one of the child resource pools.


Select the storage for the Data Director files.

Disk Format

Select the disk format for the vApp virtual disks.

Click Next to specify network mappings and network properties.