Using VMware vFabric Data Director for Hadoop explains how to deploy the vFabric Data Director for Hadoop OVA, add a Hadoop distribution to the deployment, and create, manage, and monitor Hadoop clusters.

This guide is for system administrators who want to use the open source Serengeti Project in a vFabric Data Director environment to deploy and manage Hadoop clusters. To successfully work with vFabric Data Director for Hadoop, you should be familiar with vFabric Data Director, Hadoop, and the Serengeti Project.

The vFabric Data Director Installation Guide explains how to install and set up your Data Director environment. You must perform that setup before you can deploy vFabric Data Director for Hadoop. Data Director Administration Guide contains information about Data Director administration.

See the Serengeti User Guide on the Project Serengeti home page for information about Serengeti including CLI documentation.