Use the Data Director for Hadoop Web console to view resource allocation, IP addresses, and storage information for each node in the Hadoop cluster.

Create one or more Hadoop clusters.

Start the Hadoop cluster.


Log in to the Data Director for Hadoop Web console.


Click Clusters.


Select a Hadoop cluster .

Information about the cluster appears in the right pane.

Cluster Information



Node Group

Lists all nodes by type in the cluster. Nodes in a Hadoop cluster can be master, worker, or client nodes.

VM Name

Name of the virtual machine on which a node is running.


The virtual machine reports the following status types:

Not Exist. Status prior to creating a virtual machine instance in vSphere.

Created. After the virtual machine is cloned from the node template.

Powered On. The virtual machine is powered on after virtual disks and network are configured.

VM Ready. A virtual machine is started and IP is ready.

Service Ready. Services inside the virtual machine have been provisioned.

Bootstrap Failed. A service inside the virtual machine failed to provision.

Powered Off. The virtual machine is powered off, and the cluster is stopped.

IP address

IP address of the virtual machine.


IP address or Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the ESX host on which the virtual machine is running.


Number of virtual CPUs assigned to the node.


Amount of RAM used by the node.


The RAM size that appears for each node shows the allocated RAM, not the RAM that is in use.


The amount of storage allocated for use by the virtual machine running the node.