vFabric Postgres databases that are deployed with Data Director differ from standalone vFabric Postgres databases in several ways.

Simplified Configuration

To configure vFabric Postgres databases deployed from Data Director, users select a database configuration template, and then customize settings such as name, storage allocation, database owner account, and backup template. Data Director updates the postgresql.conf file’s tunable parameters.

No Superuser Admin Privileges

Each Data Director database user has only database administrator rights. As a result, tools that require superuser privileges, such as COPY FROM, COPY TO, and tools that operate on the system catalog, do not work.

No pg_dumpall

The pg_dumpall tool requires superuser privileges, and does not work with vFabric Postgres databases deployed from Data Director.

No CREATE or DROP Database Privileges

Data Director users have privileges only within the database. You cannot use database client tools to create or drop databases. Use the Data Director UI to create and drop databases.

Object Naming

Database names can only use alphanumeric characters, underscore (‘_’) or hyphen (‘-’).

For object names, the standard Postgres requirements apply.