You can download client tool packages for Windows and Linux from the VMware download site. After you download the tools, you can use the drivers included in the packages.

If you plan to write code, and you plan on compiling an application to link with libpq, download both the client package and the development package.

You can download the client tool package for your platform from the VMware download site. Be sure to download the appropriate package for your environment.

vFabric Postgres

vFabric Postgres for Data Director

You can download tools and drivers for Windows, Linux, Java, or Macintosh.

The vFabric Postgres client tools package includes a JDBC driver and an ODBC driver customized for vFabric Postgres. Use the vFabric Postgres JDBC or ODBC drivers, not the standard Postgres drivers, to connect to Data Director.

JDBC Driver

After installation, you can find the JDBC driver in the following locations.

Microsoft Windows

C:\Program Files\VMware\vPostgres\9.1\JDBC



The Samples directory contains a simple Java example and README file that show how to connect to Data Director using JDBC.

For example, if your application uses the JDBC driver to access a database, and you install the application as /usr/local/lib/myapp.jar and the PostgreSQL JDBC driver as /usr/local/pgsql/share/java/postgresql.jar, you run the application as follows.

export CLASSPATH=/usr/local/lib/myapp.jar:/usr/local/pgsql/share/java/ MyApp

ODBC Driver

The vFabric Postgres installation process installs the vFabric Postgres ODBC driver. You can verify the Windows ODBC driver installation as follows.


Select Start > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC).


Click the Drivers tab.


Verify that the VMware vFabric Postgres ODBC driver appears in the list of installed ODBC drivers.