You can connect to a vFabric Postgres for Data Director database with psql by using custom connection strings. If you are using the standalone version of vFabric Postgres, you do not need to customize your connection strings.

Deploy the vFabric Postgres Standard Edition for Data Director virtual appliance in your environment.

Use the following connection string.

psql -h {UUID}.DB_Name_Service_IP -p 5432 -d DB_name -U db_user_name

For example, assume that you use psql to connect to a database with the following characteristics.



DB Name Service port


DB Name Server IP address

database user name


You can use the following psql command to connect to the database.

$ psql -h {1234-5678-9012-3456}. -p 5432 -d myDB -U dbuser

Psql connects to myDB, prompts for the password, and logs you in.

You can now load data and query the database using psql. See Using psql to Load Data and to Query vFabric Postgres Databases.