Before you can connect to a vFabric Postgres database, obtain the connection string.

Data Director uses its DB Name Server virtual machine to route database connections to vFabric Postgres databases deployed with Data Director. The connection string has the following format.


The curly brackets, { }, are part of the connection string and enclose the UUID. You can obtain the connection string from the Data Director UI, or you can construct the connection string if you know the UUID and DB Name Server host name.


Log in to your Data Director organization as a user with database privileges.


Select the database group for the database and click the database name.

The database connection string appears in the Connection String field. The connection string includes the JDBC connection information and has the format jdbc:postgresql://{UUID}.DB_Name_Service_IP_or_FQDN/db_name?user=user_ID.


Database name, enclosed in curly brackets.


Either the IP address of the Data Director DB Name Service network or the fully qualified domain name.


Name of the vFabric Postgres database to connect to.


User ID to log in to the vFabric Postgres database.


Copy the connection string and paste it into the right place in your application using the appropriate approach.

Connection mechanism



If you use a tool such as pgAdmin, copy the {UUID}.DB_Name_Service_IP_or_FQDN part of the connection string to specify the host. Specify the user name in the pgAdmin server connection properties.


If you use JDBC, paste the entire connection string into the jdbc.url field in your file.