The vFabric Postgres Console allows privileged users to monitor and modify a vFabric Postgres database. You can use the vFabric Postgres console instead of client tools to manage your databases.

Log in to Data Director as a user who has privileges to view and modify a database.


Select the organization in which the database was created, click Manage and Monitor, and select the database.

On this management page, you can use the available tabs to get an overview, view reports and logs, and perform other tasks for vFabric Postgres databases or Oracle databases.


Click the Console icon in the top-right corner to display the vFabric Postgres management console.

You can examine and customize the database from the console.


Click the Catalogs or Schemas icons on the left to review catalogs and schemas for just that database.


From the console, right-click the database icon and select one of the available actions.




Refreshes the database

Vacuum Analyze Database

Performs a standard Postgres Vacuum Analyze operation.

Enter SQL

Displays a window for entering and executing SQL commands and viewing and examining output.

For more information about managing vFabric Postgres databases with Data Director, see the vFabric Data Director Administrator and User Guide.