VMware vFabric Postgres is an ACID-compliant, ANSI-SQL-compliant transactional, relational database designed for the virtual environment and optimized for vSphere. It is based on the Postgres open-source relational database and is compatible with PostgreSQL.

vFabric Postgres databases are managed by a DBMS that consists of a server and a client. VMware supports two versions of vFabric Postgres, vFabric Postgres Standard Edition and vFabric Postgres Standard Edition for Data Director.

vFabric Postgres Standard Edition

Supports all standard Postgres connection tools and interaction methods.

vFabric Postgres Standard Edition for Data Director

Seamlessly integrates with Data Director and can be managed from the Data Director GUI. You can also use traditional database tools to interact with this version, but some modifications, for example to connection strings, might be required.