You can access vSphere App HA through the vSphere Web Client. vSphere App HA is compatible only with the vSphere Web Client.

Deploy the vSphere App HA plug-in on vSphere Web Client. For more information, see the vSphere App HA Installation and Configuration Guide.


Open a Web browser and type the URL for accessing the vSphere Web Client, https://client-hostname:port/vsphere-client.

You can use the IP address of the vSphere Web Client as an alternative to the client host name.

By default the port is 9443, but this can be changed during vSphere Web Client installation.


Type the credentials in the Username and Password text boxes.


Click Login.

If vSphere App HA is deployed correctly, vSphere App HA is listed on the Administration page of vSphere Web Client. Also, the Applications Availability tab appears under the Monitor tab.