You can create a policy in which you define the remediation actions to take place when the service is unavailable or unstable.

To get email notifications, you must have configured the vCenter Server mail server, using vSphere Web Client.

To trigger alarms, you must have configured the VMware vCenter AppHA Plug-in on thevCenter Hyperic server.


Log in to the vSphere Web Client using the vSphere App HA.Modify credentials at root level.


Navigate to Administration > vSphere App HA.


On the Policies tab, click the Create Policy icon Add policy.


Type the Policy Name and Description, and click Next.

The policy name must be unique. The description is optional.


From the Application Service drop-down menu, select an application service type.


Complete the information in the service configuration text boxes, or verify that the Use current configuration check boxes are selected, and click Next.


(Optional) Select the remediation actions that take place when the service is unavailable or unstable.



Restart Service

Type the startup time for the service. Startup time refers to the time it takes for the service to restart.

Select the Reset VM in case of restart failed check box to reset the virtual machine if the service does not restart.

Reset VM in case service is unstable

From the Number of service restarts drop-down menu, select the number of restarts after which this service is considered unstable.

Type the time frame in the Time window text box.


Click Next.


(Optional) Create a vCenter Server alarm for the policy by selecting the Service has stopped event to trigger the vCenter Server alarm.


(Optional) Type comma separated email addresses for notification purposes, and click Next.


In the Ready to Complete screen, verify the settings and click Finish.

A policy is created and is listed in the policy definition table. You can assign this policy to services of the same type.