You can change the values in a policy, including policies that have already been assigned to services.

If a conflict occurs between the changes that you make to an assigned policy and the required settings of the service, the policy is detached from that service and an error appears in the Policy column of the Service Availability table.

Some of the key reasons that might cause this issue are:

bad configuration in the edited policy

inability to communicate with the vCenter Hyperic server

the VMware vCenter AppHA Plug-in not being configured.

You can edit the policy again and reassign it, or assign a new policy to the services.

When the policy that you are editing is assigned to services, you must have vSphere App HA.Modify privileges for each virtual machine on which the services are running.

When the policy that you are editing is assigned to services, those services must be in maintenance mode before you edit the policy.


Log in to the vSphere Web Client using the vSphere App HA.Modify credentials at root level.


Navigate to Administration > vSphere App HA.


On the Policies tab, select the policy to edit and click the Edit Policy icon editPolicy icon.


Change the values of the policy as required, and click Next.


In the Ready to Complete screen, verify the settings and click Finish.