The Services Availability Status table provides details of all the application services that are running in your environment, including essential information such as the virtual machine name and install path of each service, its availability status and any remediation policy that is assigned to the service. You can also manage services such as assigning or changing a policy for a service, putting a service into maintenance mode, and so on. manage services.

You can filter and sort the table.

Services Availability Table



Application Service

The name of the application service running in your environment.

Virtual Machine

The name of the virtual machine on which the application service is running.

Install Path

The location of the installed service.

Availability Status

The status of an application service's availability. The availability status can be one of the following.

Service available Indicates that the service is available.

Service unavailable Indicates that the service is unavailable.

Service down Indicates that the availability of the service is unknown.

Unsynchronized service icon indicates that the agent clock is not synchronized with the server clock.

maintenance mode icon indicates that the service is in maintenance mode.

Reset VM Remediation Limitation

Information about any factors that might impact a reset virtual machine remediation action.

The reason that the reset virtual machine remediation action cannot be performed on the service, if applicable.

When there is no limitation, the cell is empty.


The name of the policy assigned to an application service. The cell is empty when a policy has not been assigned.

If a policy was assigned that conflicts with the requirements of the service, the policy is detached from that service and an error appears in the Policy column.