You might want to apply maintenance mode to one or more application services to suspend policies while you are patching or configuring servers, or performing other vSphere App HA actions. For example, you might need to upgrade a service and you do not want the policy to be applied during the time that the upgrade is in progress.

During the time that the services are in maintenance mode, remediation actions and related alarms are not triggered.

You cannot apply maintenance mode to application services with an unknown status.

Verify that you have vSphere App HA.Modify privileges for each virtual machine on which the services that you are placing in maintenance mode are running.


Log in to the vSphere Web Client using the vSphere App HA.Modify credentials.


On the Monitor > Applications Availability tab, select the services you want to enter into maintenance mode.


Click the Enter Maintenance Mode icon Enter Maintenance Mode icon.

The availability status for the selected services is Maintenance Mode.