You can configure vSphere App HA to reset an unavailable or unstable virtual machine. This function requires that vSphere HA is enabled for the virtual machines.

All virtual machines for which you want to have the reset function must be part of a vSphere HA-enabled cluster. Use this procedure to define a vSphere HA-enabled cluster in vSphere Web Client.


This procedure is not necessary for virtual machines running on EXSi 5.1 servers.

You can make existing clusters vSphere HA-enabled. See Add vSphere HA Functionality to an Existing Cluster.

Verify that you have a license for the vSphere HA feature.


In the vSphere Web Client navigator, right-click the object that contains the virtual machines for which you want to enable the reset machine function and select New Cluster.


Complete the New Cluster wizard, including making the following changes, and click OK.



vSphere App HA

Select the Turn On checkbox.

VM Monitoring

Select VM and Application Monitoring from the menu.

The vSphere HA-enabled cluster is created. All virtual machines within the cluster have the reset machine function.

You can add hosts to the cluster, or can move hosts between clusters.