You can deploy the vSphere App HA virtual appliance by using vSphere Web Client. VMware provides the vSphere App HA appliance in an OVA format.

vSphere Web Client administrator privileges.

The virtual environment in which you deploy vSphere App HA must be monitored by vCenter Hyperic.

If you had previously installed vSphere App HA, verify that the vSphere Web Client was restarted after that instance of vSphere App HA was uninstalled.


In the vSphere Web Client, click Host and Clusters.


Right-click the vCenter Server on which you want to deploy the vSphere App HA virtual appliance and select Deploy OVF template.


Browse to the OVA file and select it, or type the URL from where you want to deploy the OVA template, and click Next.


In the Review details screen, click Next.


(Optional) If a warning is displayed about the OVF package containing extra configuration options, select the Accept extra configuration options checkbox to proceed.


Accept the end user license agreement.


Type a unique name of the virtual appliance, select the folder or datacenter where you want to deploy the OVF, and click Next.

If more than one data center is present, you must select the datacenter on which you want to deploy the virtual appliance.


On the Select a resource screen, select the location to run the deployed OVF template, and click Next.

The Select storage screen appears where you can select the location to store the files of the deployed OVF template.


From the Select virtual disk format drop-down menu, select Thin Provision as the disk format, and click Next.


Configure the networks the deployed template should use, enter the SSH password for the vSphere App HA virtual machine, and click Next.


On the vCenter extension installation screen, click Next.

The Ready to Complete screen displays a summary of the deployment settings.


Select Power on after deployment, and then click Finish.

The process of deploying the vSphere App HA virtual appliance starts.

This process might take several minutes.

The vSphere App HA OVA is deployed on your vSphere Web Client.

Log out of the vSphere Web Client and log in again to view the vSphere App HA virtual appliance deployed on the vSphere Web Client. You can also see the vSphere App HA plug-in in the list of vCenter Server extensions in the vSphere Web Client.