Following deployment of the vSphere App HA virtual appliance, there are a number of tasks that are required to enable the remediation and reset virtual machine functions that it provides.

After you deploy vSphere App HA, you must set up vSphere App HA and connect to the vCenter Hyperic server.

You can configure vSphere App HA to reset an unavailable or unstable virtual machine. This function requires that vSphere HA is enabled for the virtual machines.

To trigger vSphere App HA alarms on vCenter , you must configure certain properties in the relevant vCenter Hyperic file.

To enable alarms to be sent from the vCenter Server in the event of a remediation action being triggered, you must create a new service in vCenter Hyperic.

You must configure the email address of the sender account in order to enable vCenter Server operations, such as sending email notifications as alarm actions.