You must configure the email address of the sender account in order to enable vCenter Server operations, such as sending email notifications as alarm actions.

Required privilege: Global.Settings

To configure SMTP notifications, the vSphere Client must be connected to the vCenter Server system.


If necessary, select Administration > vCenter Server Settings to display the vCenter Server Settings dialog box.


If the vCenter Server system is part of a connected group, select the server you want to configure from the Current vCenter Server drop-down menu.


In the navigation pane, select Mail.


Enter the SMTP server information.

The SMTP Server is the DNS name or IP address of the SMTP gateway to use for sending email messages


Enter the sender account information.

The Sender Account is the email message address of the sender.


The full email address must be entered, including the domain name (the information after the @ sign).

For example,


Click OK.

To test the mail settings, create an alarm that can be triggered by a user action, such as an alarm triggered by powering off a virtual machine, and verify that you receive an email when the alarm is triggered.