vSphere App HA lets you define high availability for the applications that are running on the virtual machines in your environment, using vSphere Web Client.

vSphere App HA performs the following functions:

Displays location and availability status of applications.

Performs user-defined remediation if a service is unavailable or unstable. Remediation actions include restart service and reset virtual machine.

Triggers alerts and notifications when services become unavailable or unstable.

Enables a remediation action to be suspended while maintenance is performed.

Integrates with vSphere HA for reset virtual machine functionality and compatibility with vMotion.

vSphere App HA provides you with the following benefits:

Ensures that your most critical applications remain available.

Enables you to receive alerts and notifications in the event that one or more applications become unavailable.

Provides visibility into your applications and their availability.

Helps to minimize unplanned application downtime.

Protects several "off the shelf" applications.