You uninstall the plug-in from the vSphere Web Client.

If you have already configured the vSphere App HA virtual appliance to connect to thevCenter Hyperic server, you must be connected to vCenter Hyperic server to uninstall vSphere App HA.


Log in to the vSphere Web Client using the vSphere App HA.Modify credentials.


From the Inventory menu, navigate to Administration > vSphere App HA.


On the Settings tab, click Uninstall.


On the confirmation message, click Yes.

The uninstall process starts and might take few minutes depending on number of applications to which policies are assigned.

A popup message indicates completion of the plug-in unistall.

You must restart the vSphere Web Client service before you install the vSphere App HA plug-in again.

Delete the vSphere App HA virtual machine from the vCenter Server. See Delete a vSphere App HA Virtual Machine