Deployment profiles let you configure settings such as cloud templates, networks, and application configuration values that are allowed for use in specific deployment environments.

In the deployment profile you can also review the execution plan, add custom tasks to the execution plan, review the deployment profile settings and make changes before you deploy the application.


Create a different deployment profile for each deployment environment. In a deployment profile, you can enter or override application properties for a specific deployment if the Override at Deployment option is enabled for the property.


You use the deployment environment tab to retrieve the list of cloud templates and networks available in the deployment environment and map them to logical templates and logical networks. You can also configure custom properties in vCloud Application Director to override the vCloud Automation Center blueprint custom properties, mapping pre-defined disks to storage, or add to the existing properties.


You can define new values for all the node properties such as host name or vCPU. You can define new values only for application component and service properties that have the Overridable at Deployment check box selected in the application blueprint.


The system generates deployment execution plans based on the application blueprint. You can review the execution plan and add custom tasks to perform additional customized tasks in the application deployment before deploying the application.


You can reuse an existing deployment profile for an application version.