Marketplace lets you browse, view, and import blueprints for applications or services from VMware Solution Exchange. You must create a VMware Solution Exchange account to use this feature with Application Director.

Marketplace is disabled by default. To enable Marketplace, run the following command in the command-line interface: update-global-prop --name VSX_MARKET_PLACE_ENABLE --value true. After you enable Marketplace for the first time, logout and login to view the changes. You can access Marketplace from the Applications landing page.

A proxy configuration is required for Marketplace if there is any access restriction to connect to internet from within the enterprise. Marketplace requires you to enable proxy settings from the command-line interface to access external servers:

update-global-prop --name VSX_PROXY_ENABLE --value true.

You must also run the following commands to configure proxy settings:



APPD_HTTP_PROXY_USER: Required only if the proxy setting needs additional authentication.

APPD_HTTP_PROXY_PASSWORD: Required only if the proxy setting needs additional authentication.

For example, if the proxy server is enabled, to run the host command, use: update-global-prop --name APPD_HTTP_PROXY_HOST --value

From Marketplace you can search for solutions (blueprints for applications or services) by using keywords such as solution title or publisher name.