You must configure a virtual appliance in vCloud Director to successfully install vCloud Application Director. If you have a previously installed version of vCloud Director, you must check the configuration settings to optimize for vCloud Application Director.

Configure your vCenter settings for vCloud Application Director. See Set Up VMware vCenter Cluster Configurations.

Familiarize yourself with the procedures for creating organizations and catalogs. See the latest vCloud Director documentation.

Verify that the vCloud Director administrator uploaded templates to a catalog.


If the templates are uploaded to a catalog contained in a different vCloud Organization from the organization in which vCloud Application Director performs application deployments, you must publish the catalog and the templates. Check whether the catalog has the correct attributes so that users can access it.

Verify that you have a direct-connect network with an external pool of IP addresses that vCloud Application Director can use. Contact your vCloud Director administrator to determine the number of IP addresses in the pool.

In vCloud Director, allocate a separate organization for vCloud Application Director.

Verify your vCloud Director setup. See Verify Your vCloud Director Environment.

To create or update custom virtual machine templates, see Creating Windows Virtual Machine Templates in vCloud Director and Create Linux Virtual Machine Templates in vCloud Director.