To tear down a deployment, your user account must have the deployer role (ROLE_DEPLOYER) assigned to it.

Before you tear down a deployed application from the cloud, verify that you have the deployment name of the deployed application. You can monitor the status of the teardown process from the vCloud Application Director user interface. See Tear Down an Application from the Cloud.

Remove Deployment in the CLI

CLI Command


teardown --deploymentName DeploymentName

Tear down a deployed application from the vCloud Director.

For example, the teardown --name appd-TestApp-1.0.0-admin-3-a99309aa-aa5b-45c2-b6a0-bac4a421178e command removes the application from the cloud.

Type teardown and press the Tab key to display the possible options for the command. If the list does not display quotation marks for multiple words with spaces between the words, enclose the words in quotation marks.