vCloud Application Director is optimized for vCloud components and is extensible to other components.

The vCloud Application Director catalog has predefined (out-of-the-box) services or applications for middleware services. In addition, you can add pointers to virtual machine templates residing in cloud catalogs. The vCloud Application Director catalog also lets you add definitions of dynamically installable custom services on virtual machine templates using install, configure, start, update, rollback, and teardown scripts, and appropriate configurations.

Deployment execution plans are generated by the system based on the blueprint. These plans help users to track the status and progress of tasks during deployment.

You can add custom task scripts to these plans to run in the deployed virtual machine. You can use these scripts to perform additional tasks such as security patches, audit integrations, quality and compliance reviews using third-party internal IT systems, and running smoke tests.

To streamline the build to deployment process, organizations can further automate deployment by using the command-line interface to allow their continuous build systems or cloud provisioning portals to generate and deploy an application.