For scaling deployments, you might need to deploy multiple virtual machines or a cluster for a particular node and use a load balancer to manage them.

Familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of binding to another property, node array index property, and defining component actions. See Developing vCloud Application Director Components.


To specify a cluster of virtual machines, click the Convert to Node Array icon (Convert to clustered node.) in the node.


Below the blueprint, set the cluster size.


Bind to a property like node_array_index to identify in which virtual machine the current script is running.

You can find the IP addresses of all the virtual machines in a cluster by binding a property to all(node:ip).


(Optional) If other properties refer to a cluster property, define the component properties to access the array of property values from the clustered nodes.


Click Save in the toolbar above the canvas.

To understand how a cluster is used, see the Clustered Duke's Bank sample application. In the Load Balancer node, click Apache_LB and note that the http_node_ips property refers to all(appserver:ip). The https_node_ips property references all of the IP addresses for each node within the specified cluster size.

Deploy the application. See Deploying Applications.