In the vCloud Application Director catalog, an external service is a service that is installed external to the deployment of the application. An external service and the application need to be configured to work with each other.


With vCloud Application Director you can create basic or advanced external services.


vCloud Application Director passes defined properties as environment variables to scripts running in a virtual machine. The external service version properties define the variables used in the scripts for the external service.


An advanced external service requires you to create a provider specification. This specification is a set of one or more scripts that defines how an external service can be configured, updated, rolled back, and torn down in various service provider environments such as VMware Data Director or Amazon RDS. The provider specification also has properties that you can define to connect to the provider and the provider specific parameters.


You can copy a basic or advanced external service from an existing version or modify the service.


To manage your external services you can delete duplicate or outdated services.